The free version of iFreeTools has certain quotas (usage-limits), some of which this application seems to exceed.
  • Current number of Auth Profiles : 5
    Free applications can have a maximum of 2 authorization profiles. Additional entries can be deleted to stay within the limit.
If your application needs more than the free quota limits, we recommend that you go in for a single-tenant deployment, which provides :
  • Advertisement-free application
  • Higher quotas (usage-limits)
  • Additional premium features, like
    • Sending out emails from within the application using email templates
    • Sending out SMS (using Twilio), from within the application using SMS templates
    • Triggering workflows automatically during database changes
    • Record-locking in multiple entities
    • Web-forms in multiple entities
    • Enable public-access, to select segments of data
    • and more..
  • Dedicated hosting resources, to serve your organization's users alone
  • Ability to purchase more hosting resources, directly from Google
Pricing for single-tenant deployments start at $99/year, which works out to just $8.25/month or around $0.27/day. This base plan allows up to 25 users and on a per-user basis, the pricing works out to $0.33/user/month or around $0.01/user/day.
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